Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paint by Numbers Exhibition @ DAM

Whew!!! Things have been nuts here! Haven't posted in awhile because things got crazier with work at CCS. Also, when I wasn't at CCS I was working on a piece for the Spirit of Paint by Numbers Exhibition at DAM(Detroit Artists Market). It's a benefit exhibition & auction for the Artists Market featuring over 100 artists. Each artist was given a paint by number blank of Marshall Fredericks' Spirit of Detroit sculpture. The paint by number blanks were created specifically for DAM by Paint by Number creator Dan Robbins. There were no rules or directions and the artists were encouraged to "let our imaginations run wild".

I'm not sure why but I decided to do mine in colored sand. After gluing the blank into a stiff substrate, I mixed almost every color from only a handful of different sand colors. I then painted the blank with glue, sprinkled with sand & then tapped off the excess. When I finished every color I then sealed it with an extra layer of glue on top.

Here are some images of the postcard & the process along with the final work...
It's called Gritty Detroit...

If you are interested in learning about Michigan artist Marshall Fredericks check out this article: link. It is a nice overview of his career.

The DAM exhibition opens June 6th and runs through July 12th, 2008. For more information check out DAM.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cards, Cards, Cards...

I just love cards... especially interesting, handmade or artist cards! I am always looking for interesting designs & I hate going to the store & not being able to find something cool enough for the person for whom the card is intended. To remedy that, lately (when I'm not too tired from working at CCS), I have been playing with card ideas. I thought it might be neat to create cards from my photographs. I wanted to create something a little bit different than just a print on a card so I decided to create decorative borders to go with specific photos. I am planning on offering them with greetings inside as well as blank so that they can be completely customizable. They will also have coordinating envelope closure stickers as well.
Here is a little in-progress preview...

I would love some input in regards to which greetings to offer.
Thanks ahead of time!