Friday, October 15, 2010

Life Shift

I haven't really been doing much art in the last year. I am currently in a much needed and long overdue life shift. A lot of things have been changing around here. After many years of struggling with fatigue, back and strength issues I finally feel my strength getting better. I still have to be careful that I don't overdo it but I have been able to do things that I haven't done in years. So as a result my focus has been on things that I've neglected for too many years like ripping out my flower beds. They had gotten too overgrown with weeds because it hurt too much to keep them up and my husband doesn't do that kind of stuff. I am proud of myself too because I was able to do it all myself and break it down into manageable parts. It took a few days but it is done!

I have also taken on a work out regimen and diet change. About 10 years ago I became lactose intolerant. With my other health issues, I wasn't able to do much more than just eliminate dairy. I've realized through the years that I also have to change other aspects of my diet as well to make sure I get all of the right nutrients and maybe part of my fatigue and strength issues lie in not getting the proper nutrients. So I have been cooking much more and trying new recipes. I have been trying more vegetarian meals as I find they are much easier on my digestive system than a meat-centric diet. This has helped my energy tremendously.

I have also been spending some time working on some websites for other artists. Even though it has been challenging at times learning this stuff, I am really enjoying being able to create something that helps other people. I feel that, at least for the time being, most of my creative energy will be spent in this arena. An updated site with more extensive portfolios of my design work for web and print is in the works. When I get it finished I will post it here.

It's funny because even though I am doing all these other things and focused on making this shift, I am feeling much more inspired and motivated. I have tons of ideas for new work. I have a few more things on my list to catch up on and I will start "making art" again. I am hoping it will only be a couple of months until then.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summer Trip Part 2

Here are some more photos of my trip. These were all taken in San Francisco in the Ferry building and along the waterfront.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer Trip Part 1

In August, after 3 years, we were finally able to take a vacation and headed out west to sunny California. We started in San Francisco, drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and ended up in Los Angeles. We not only got to see some great sites but also some great friends as well. Although I missed my Fuji(it is officially not worth using anymore) I was able to take a ton of pictures with my husband's Canon PowerShot recording things that interested me and came out with some pretty nice photos. I found myself being drawn toward textures and unusual views and thought I would share some of them here as I haven't posted in a while. The break was much needed and I have come back home inspired with many ideas for new work. Here are a few of San Francisco and the beach... You can click on the panoramic for a better view.