Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yeay!!! My herbs are sprouting!

I wonder how long it will take before they are mature enough to harvest? Does anyone know?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mini Herb Garden

I just love plants. Doesn't matter what kind... flowering, non-flowering, succulent, cacti. As a result I have a small jungle in my house. My grammie and parents got me interested years ago. Grammie had lots of house plants and my parents had a large garden. The whole family was expected to plant and tend to the garden and we had many yummy meals from it. My parents have supported my continued interest in gardening and have given me all kinds of books on gardening and plants throughout the years. This year I got a mini herb garden in a box for Christmas from my mom and dad. Yeay!!! I have wanted to do an herb garden for years but never took the time. Now I can. It's perfect timing too as I am trying to cook more from scratch now.

I thought it was a pretty cool setup and wanted to share a few pics as I planted it this past week. It come with 5 different herbs: Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Chives, and Cilantro. The kit contained the seeds, the pots, stand, and soil "pucks". It was an easy project to do as everything I needed was right there. I just needed to add water!

The seeds are supposed to sprout between 10-15 days.
Oooooohhh... I can't wait!